Wish List

Hello again

Many people ask “what can we bring, what do you need” when they are coming to visit Emoyeni.  This is a very generous question and so, to make things easier,  here is our wish list.

At last, Emoyeni is looking at getting a ‘credit card device’. For this we need a stronger Smartphone so if anyone’s contract is due for an upgrade, please think of us when next you have a spare Smartphone.

For the gardens:

  • Garden gloves
  • Big garden pots
  • Herbs and Plants and
    Seasonal plants for autumn: 

    • Geranium Incanum (Grane’s Bill)
    • Linaria
    • Sutera (Wild Phlox)
    • Lavender
      Ground covers
    • Arctotis (Trailing Arctotic)
    • Anchusa Papensis (Cape Forget-me-not)
    • Penny Royal

For the rooms:

  • Scatter cushions
  • Pretty table cloths or throws
  • Linen


  • Power tools
  • 3-tier tool trolley


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