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 Cultivating inner strength and warm-heartedness 

Presenter:  Ajahn Succito
Date:  21 – 26 February                                                                                                                5-days ~ R4100 – R4850

One of the principle aims of meditation is to experience greater warm-heartedness – towards others and oneself. The absence of this is a major source of suffering, linked to anxiety, depression and mistrust. On this retreat, we will be cultivating the inner strength that supports and protects the heart so that its natural kindness and compassion can illuminate our lives. The retreat will include guided meditation, teachings, chanting and devotional practice, qi gong, sharing presence with fellow retreatants, questions and answers. As this is a semi-monastic retreat, all Internet connections should be disabled and phones switched off. Out of respect for the environment, please do not bring or use plastic bottles of water; your portable flask can be filled frequently from the pure local water supply. This retreat will be held in an atmosphere of contemplative silence.

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The Art of Story-telling 

Presenter:  Dorian Haarhoff
Date:  6 – 8 March                                                                                                                   Weekend ~ R2100 – R2400

Ever since I heard my first love story I have been looking for you (Rumi)

Who is the who that Rumi alludes to? There is something deeply fictional about us human beings. We are the stories we tell about ourselves. Rediscover the lost art of story-telling. Experience the joy, presence, mindfulness and transformation that arrive when we engage with a tale, learn how to craft it and inhabit it.  We begin to see our lives as a story, keeping pace with the rhythm of our hearts, balanced between the in and the out of our breathing. Be enchanted by Zen and other tales from many paths.

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 How to live and write poetry

Presenter:  Dorian Haarhoff
Date:  8 – 10 March                                                                                                                    Mid-week ~ R2100 – R2400

I believe that poetry is a primal impulse within us all. …we are all capable of it …
a small, often ignored corner of us yearns to try it     (Stephen Fry)

Do you love reading poetry? Do you yearn to write poems? Poetry is a way of paying attention, listening, being in the moment and observing the world. We enter the world of images, rhythm, sound and subtle rhyme. We open to our creativity and imagination. As we cultivate a sense of belonging, our words offers us relationship, presence and healing. We can all live poetically and find the words that balance voice and silence. Together we shine light into ignored corners and engage with the craft that calls us.

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Embracing Ageing:
              Striking Gold in our Platinum Years  

Date:  13 – 15 March

Does the ageing process mean we become obsolete and irrelevant after we turn 50? Could this next period of life bring with it huge opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, and present a blank canvass itching to be covered in beautiful colours and images? Are there meaningful work and income opportunities post formal career or retrenchment and retirement?

Join us for a weekend of contemplation, discussion and inspiration sharing the wisdom of Viktor Frankl, Ram Dass, Chip Conley, Lewis Richmond and current thought leaders in fields as diverse as Logotherapy, the New World of Work, future planning and the power of networking via our Platinum Tribe of people seeking to make these later years the very best time of our lives.

Please book directly with Michael Hook:

(A private retreat means that a teacher or facilitator offering a workshop or retreat – in line with the Emoyeni ethos, has hired Emoyeni as a venue to run their course.  You can still book for these events; however, the bookings are not made through Emoyeni but via the organisers as per above)


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  Towards a practice of care

Presenter:  Katrin Auf den Heyde
Date:  20 – 22 March                                                                                                                   Mid-week ~ R2100 – R2400

In this retreat we will explore how the Buddha’s teachings inspire a way of being in this world, at this time, in a way that is both caring and responsive.

The retreat will consist of formal sitting practice interspersed with periods of walking and gentle movement to support an embodied experience.

Silence will be maintained throughout.

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Explore the joy and healing of coming home to your body

Presenter:  Mari-Louise van der Walt  and Candice Janks
Date:  27 – 29 March                                                                                                                      Weekend ~ R1900 – R2200

Presence is more than being mindful of our surrounds and experience. It is a deep sense of embodiment, of being at One with, and intimately connected into, the web of Life. It is a slow settling of our breath and being into the base of our body.
Integration of mind, body and spirit holds a key to inviting this type of Presence. Our bodies are our home base, our intelligent center of gravity, connected both to the present moment and the outside world. Meditation and yoga are thousands of years old practices based around this understanding of joining mind, body and spirit.

Come explore with us the intelligence of your body, the satisfaction and joy of living in and from our bodies, moment by moment, and the healing of coming home.

During the weekend we will work with movement (yoga asanas) and breathing (pranayama), presence or mindfulness (dharana) and meditation (dhyana). We will practice both hatha vinyasa and yin forms of movement. You will need a yoga mat, a light blanket or shawl and a journal. You do not need any prior experience.

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A time for meditation, yoga, reflexology treatments and walking in nature

Presenter:  Mervyn Croft and Pete Richer and Lauren Richer 
Date:  9 – 13 April                                                                                                                      (Easter) 4 -days ~ R3650 – R4050

Take time during the Easter long-weekend to enjoy some contemplative space and give yourself the opportunity to relax and deepen your practice. Alongside some solid meditation practice, each day will include yoga sessions with Pete Richer and an opportunity for reflexology treatments from Lauren Richer.  We will also include nature walks in the Magaliesberg – one of these walks will be a long one when we will go up into the high ground and explore the kloofs and rock pools. This is a semi-silent retreat and there will be plenty of opportunity to relax.

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How can we live wholeheartedly in the midst of a challenging world

Presenter:  RJ Chippindall 
Date:  24 -27 April                                                                                                                     3 -days ~ R2780 – R3080

We have a choice in how we meet the difficulties that life presents us with: we can be defensive and erect barriers to pain, or we can chose to approach discomfort with an attitude of friendliness and curiosity.  Being open to what is challenging requires courage and practice as it is not in the nature of the human brain to remain calm in the face of difficulty.  In relaxing into what is painful we are making friends with ourselves and our world and developing maitri, the unconditional self-acceptance that is the basis of compassion and well-being.

In this weekend retreat we will have the opportunity to say yes to life in all its forms, delightful and painful. We will draw on the writings of Pema Chodron to inspire us to live fearlessly by giving up control and waking up to everything we experience in and around us. Loving kindness meditations will support us in our journey, as will the tranquil, containing environment of Emoyeni. The weekend will include sessions of sitting and moving mindfulness practice, as well as walking the labyrinth and group discussions.

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Deepening our understanding of the Buddhist teachings

Presenter:  Mervyn Croft
Date:  April 30 – 3 May                                                                                                                     3 -days ~ R2680 – R2980

The Buddha’s teaching is extraordinary in that he was able to convey the most profound insights in a way that are so straightforward and direct and easily understood.  And yet as we begin to explore these teachings a bit deeper they open us up to a transformation ….  We begin to glimpse how a narrow, self-centered way of experiencing the world lies at the heart of our confusion and unhappiness.  It prevents us from connecting in an open and compassionate way with ourselves and others.  During the retreat we will investigate some key Buddhist insights, and see how they point the way to living with more clarity and friendliness.

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A creative workshop with meditation, relaxation and,
exploring and playing with art materials, poetry and nature 

Presenter:  Sharon Benatar
Date:  May 15 – 17                                                                                                                     Weekend ~ R1900 – R2200

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” (Picasso)

This is an invitation to both new and experienced practitioners to join us for this weekend, so we can “find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” (Thomas Merton).

We invite you to explore and express your own personal themes through different means:  playful self- expression and experimenting with art materials (paints, clay, oil pastels, charcoal etc) and materials found in nature.
We will allow some poetry and quiet time in nature to deepen our reflective and replenishing process. This we will do in an atmosphere of kindness and respect for one another.

You don’t have to be an artist – you only have to be able to hold a paint brush or glue bottle to participate!
Art materials will be supplied do bring a favourite poem, song lyrics, item or picture/photograph to incorporate in your art making or to share with the group.
Wear comfortable clothes you can play with art materials, explore, walk and relax in.

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 A Tai Chi retreat with calligraphy and sword

Presenter:  Eddie Jardine
Date:  May 29 – 31                                                                                                                 Weekend ~ R1900 – R2200

Come and spend a weekend of Tia Chi  with one of the most experienced Tai Chi teachers in the country. Tai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese system of exercise that helps to bring the mind and body into harmony. Its slow and graceful movements can show us how to live a healthier and more tranquil life.  This workshop combines the short, delicate strokes of the calligraphy brush with the expansive movement of the sword to help us explore the principles of yin and yang.

How to make a booking?How to make a booking?


Meditation with calmness, mindfulness and insight

Presenter:  Mervyn Croft
Date:  June  12 – 16                                                                                                                 4-day  ~ R3300 – R3900

A four-day Vipassana or Insight Meditation retreat gives us the opportunity to develop and deepen our practice.  Within the framework of silence, we will be able to explore the three central practices of Buddhist meditation: calming the mind, training in mindfulness and developing insight through inquiry.  We will investigate the question “Who am I” and see how this inquiry provides the key to freeing ourselves from a narrow, self-centered way of living in the world.

There will be an emphasis on Practising within an atmosphere of friendliness, kindness and acceptance.  By bringing a quiet sense of humour and curiosity into all aspects of our meditation we can learn to practice in a relaxed and natural way. There will be evening discussions and time to walk and reflect in nature.

How to make a booking?How to make a booking?


Healing and Containment through Silence

Presenter:   Sue Cooper

June 26 – 28       Weekend ~ Bookings directly with Sue Cooper: email:


This ‘Open the Heart and Still the Mind’ weekend retreat will be held in a contained and nurturing atmosphere of contemplative (Noble) silence and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators.

Through the practice of meditation and the wisdom of Buddhist psychology we will discover how to create balance and stillness in the midst of whatever is arising. Guided meditations, including mindfulness and compassion practices, as well as daily qigong movement meditation, time in nature and a short session with Sue will help transform the fragmented, self-critical heart and mind to a more integrated experience of embodied presence. We will deepen this process with metta (loving-kindness) meditation, which allows us to embrace our humanness with kindness and care.

Please book directly with Sue Cooper: email:


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