Detailed Retreats List


    Qigong – Meditation – Insight

Presenter: Max Weier
Date:  March  8 – 11                                                                                                                           3 Days  ~ R2 625 – R3 075

This retreat combines inner Eastern energy-work and meditation as well as the insights and poetry of Zen and Daoism. Ultimately, this integral approach helps the mind open up to its inherent spaciousness – the Dao. There will also be time for discussion and include a session of dynamic Qigong in the early mornings.

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 A journaling, writing, being and meditation retreat

Presenter: Dorian Haarhoff
Date:  March  20 – 24                                                                                                                        4 Days  ~ R3 400  – R4 000

A journal entry – like a song, or sketch, or photograph – breaks up the habitual and lifts away the film that forms over the eye, the finger, the tongue, the heart.
A journal entry ought to be a love letter to the world.
                                                            (Anthony Doerr, author of All the Light We Cannot See)

 In this retreat we explore the connection between journaling, creative writing and meditation. We celebrate our daily (journal’ comes from Old French, ‘day’) encounter with ourselves through words and silence. As we journey along the river of our lives, we write with the ear, eye, tongue and heart.

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 An Autumn retreat

Presenter: Mari-Louise van der Walt  &  Candice Janks
Date:  April  5 – 7                                                                                                                        Weekend  ~ R1650  – R1950

Nature offers us a space to encounter the rich layers of reality. In the way of the labyrinth or spiral, Nature’s cycles keep bringing us back for a renewed encounter, a deeper exploration of ourselves and our connection with the web of life. Our body and senses are thresholds through which we experience the joy of this gift.

Autumn is a time for reflection and gratitude, but also for contemplating the balance between light and dark, letting go, and the impermanence of things. Physically, this season is often associated with a period of anxiety, depression, insomnia, brittle skin and feeling off-balance. Within traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and other integrated, holistic systems of thinking, deepening our connection with the Earth supports us through the transitional period of late Summer and Autumn.

On this retreat we will work with movement (yoga asanas) and breathing (pranayama), presence or mindfulness (dharana) and meditation (dhyana). We will practice both hatha vinyasa and yin forms of movement.

No prior experience is needed; Please bring a yoga mat, a light blanket or shawl and a journal.

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 Meditation, Yoga, Reflexology treatments & walking in nature

Presenter: Mervyn CroftLauren Richer and Pete Richer
Date:  April  18 – 22                                                                                                                        4 Days ( Easter weekend)   ~ R3 250 – R3850

Take time during the Easter long-weekend to enjoy some contemplative space and give yourself the opportunity to relax and deepen your practice. Alongside some solid meditation practice, each day will include yoga sessions with Pete Richer and an opportunity for reflexology treatments from Lauren Richer.  We will also include nature walks in the Magaliesberg – one of these walks will be a long one when we will go up into the high ground and explore the kloofs and rock pools. This is a semi-silent retreat and there will be plenty of opportunity to relax.

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 Meditation with  calmness, mindfulness and insight

Presenter: Mervyn Croft
Date:  April  30 – 5 May                                                                                                                     5 Days   ~ R3 920 – R4 670

A five-day Vipassana or Insight Meditation retreat gives us the opportunity to develop and deepen our practice.  Within the framework of silence, we will be able to explore the three central practices of Buddhist meditation: calming the mind, training in mindfulness and developing insight through inquiry.  We will investigate the question “Who am I” and see how this inquiry provides the key to freeing ourselves from a narrow, self-centered way of living in the world.

There will be an emphasis on Practising within an atmosphere of friendliness, kindness and acceptance.  By bringing a quiet sense of humour and curiosity into all aspects of our meditation we can learn to practice in a relaxed and natural way. There will be evening discussions and time to walk and reflect in nature.

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A Tai Chi retreat with calligraphy and sword

Presenter:  Eddie Jardine
Date:  May 10 – 12                                                                                                                      Weekend   ~ R1650 – R1950

Tai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese system of exercise that helps to bring the mind and body into harmony. Its slow and graceful movements can show us how to live a healthier and more tranquil life.  This workshop combines the short, delicate strokes of the calligraphy brush with the expansive movement of the sword to help us explore the principles of yin and yang.

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A creative workshop with relaxation, playing with art materials, poetry and nature

Presenter:   Sharon Benatar
Date:  May 31 – 2 June                                                                                                                      Weekend   ~ R1650 – R1950

“Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn,
A cool breeze in summer, snow in winter.
If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life”
                                                                           Wu Men

 A life oriented around gratitude and loving kindness is the source of healing for life’s trials and our deep inner yearnings for more and better. Gratitude serves as an antidote to negative emotions, and protects us from resentment, stress, entitlement, disappointment and anger.

On this retreat we will meditate, be guided in deep relaxations, and play/explore using art materials and materials found in nature. We will also spend quiet time being in nature and in an atmosphere of kindness and respect for one another. This is an invitation to both new and experienced practitioners to join us for this weekend so we can learn to keep coming back to wonder, genuine thanks and appreciation for what exists in this moment.

No experience in art is required, just an ability to hold a paint brush or to drop paint onto a piece of paper.
Art materials will be supplied but do bring along old clothes you can play and explore as well as a favourite poem or song lyrics to share.

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Deepening our understanding of the Buddhist teachings

Presenter:   Mervyn Croft
Date:  June 14 – 17                                                                                                                      3 Days   ~ R2300  – R2750

The Buddha’s teaching is extraordinary in that he was able to convey the most profound insights in a way that are so straightforward and direct and easily understood.  And yet as we begin to explore these teachings a bit deeper they open us up to a transformation ….  We begin to glimpse how a narrow, self-centered way of experiencing the world lies at the heart of our confusion and unhappiness.  It prevents us from connecting in an open and compassionate way with ourselves and others.  During the retreat we will investigate some key Buddhist insights, and see how they point the way to living with more clarity and friendliness.

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A Gentle Journey to a Plant-based Life

Presenter:   Samantha & Endre Sparks
Date:  June 28 – 30                                                                                                             Weekend   ~ R1650  – R1950

On this cooking demo retreat, we will explore vegan cooking. For vegan newbies, you will be exposed to some exciting ingredients such as aquafaba, kombucha; and nutritional yeast used in delicious meals. We will also discuss how to journey towards a plant-based diet without fixed ideas and self-incrimination. Mostly the retreat will be about preparing and enjoying great food that you can recreate at home.

This retreat is best suited to retreatants who do not have food sensitivities
 related to nuts, soya or gluten.

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Listening with a Kind and Compassionate Heart

Presenter:   Sue Cooper
Date:  August 8 – 11                                                                                                             3 Days   ~ R2500  – R2950

This long-weekend silent retreat will draw on the wisdom of Buddhist psychology and the inspiring teachings and practices of Kuan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion, who “Listens to the cries of the world at ease.” After establishing a calm and grounded body, heart and mind, we will focus on the practice of loving-kindness (metta) meditation and the deepening of compassionate wisdom. These practices strengthen our boundaries and provide us with a secure foundation of courage and trust.

In a contained and nurturing atmosphere of contemplative silence, we will learn how to transform the self-critical and judgmental inner voices, so that we can end the habitual cycle of self-abandonment. As we discover how to internalise the archetypal good-enough mother, represented by Kuan Yin, we will develop the courage and trust which allow us to honour our vulnerability without fear or shame. When we can embrace our humanness with kindness and compassion, we can live more authentically, so that healing and awakening can occur.

This retreat includes guided sitting and walking meditations, short individual sessions with Sue and daily sessions of qigong (chi kung) movement meditation to enhance the integration of body, heart and mind.

20 General CEUs are applicable for anyone registered with the HPCSA.

(If anyone would like to book a 50 minute pre-retreat session with Sue via Skype or Whatsapp please contact her on ( www.

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 Creating spaces of memory and meaning

Presenter:   Dr Hayley Berman
Date:  August 16 – 18                                                                                                             Weekend   ~ R1800  – R2100

“Life is but a day;
A fragile dew-drop on its perilous way
From a tree’s summit.”
                      John Keats

In this retreat, we will journey to a place of coming closer to making loss matter through image making, in the studio and in nature. You may choose to explore losses of loved ones, disappointments, loss of identity, home, relationship. This may include the loss of a meaningful alive connection with yourself and others. We will engage between the threshold of saying goodbye and new beginnings.

With an expanded vocabulary of art materials, found objects, words and silence, we will gently allow the materials, the group, the landscape and the unconscious to lead the process.

Meditation, nature and creativity will be woven together attuning to an inner stillness and abundance of being.

Please bring a significant object that holds a meaning for you.

It would be useful to also bring any other found objects or scraps : copies of photographs,  different textures / fabric / shells / coloured paper / bottle tops / old jewellery or similar

How to make a booking?How to make a booking?


Meditation through the power of sound, silence, movement and stillness

Presenter:   Anthea Hardwick
Date:  August 30 – 1 September                                                                                                             Weekend   ~ R1650  – R1950

In many shamanic societies if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed they would ask one of four questions.

When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence? 

                                                                                                                           —Gabrielle Roth.

Join us for a celebration of Nia dance. Nia, a fusion-movement practice, combines the expressiveness of the dance arts, the wisdom of the healing arts, and the precision of the martial arts, in a fun and playful way. Nia is a celebration of the body and a practice which can facilitate healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.
No dance experience is necessary – simply an openness and curiosity to explore movement and the body as a gateway to awareness, joy, relaxation, connection, peace and healing.

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A Sacred Spiral Yoga retreat

Presenter:   Paul Carlos
Date:  September 6 – 8                                                                                                             Weekend   ~ R1650  – R1950

Paul will present a retreat using the ancient techniques of yoga meditation and mindfulness in a new distillation this year. His focus will be looking at how, when used during the times and sections of our average day, we can pivot the outcomes of our lives into a healthier, more joyful and harmonious outcome experience. During the retreat we will take the seed elements of our common day to day time segments and look at how to grow them into a full flowering, transformative spiritual method.

Paul’s retreat incorporates a rich tapestry meditation, sacred music and chant and Yoga bodywork to suit all levels.


How to make a booking?How to make a booking?
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