Emoyeni has a vacancy for a resident staff member to join our small community.

Position: Kitchen Manager and Housekeeping

This position calls for someone who enjoys being in the kitchen and has an eye for detail.
You will be managing our kitchen as well the housekeeping and cleaning team. You do not necessarily have to do the cooking, but you will be planning and coordinating our volunteer cooks over the weekends and managing the kitchen during the week.

Any combination of the following skills would be valuable to us:

  • Cooking or kitchen management
  • Good communication skills
  • Overseeing housekeeping
  • Gardening know-how and interest
  • Social media skills
  • Service industry experience

The ideal candidate will also have/be:

  • A familiarity or keen interest in Buddhist practice
  • The ability to work with people as well as being able to enjoy solitude
  • Self-motivated and reliable
  • Initiative and a good attitude

 Living on a retreat centre in the bush means different kinds of chores and jobs to those of a 9-to 5 city job. At times, the work can be physical and demanding but, here you enjoy the perks of waking  to birdsong, breathing fresh mountain air and taking time to listen to the bush quietening down at dusk.

Being part of Emoyeni is a way of giving service while living in a restful and beautiful centre in the Magaliesberg. At Emoyeni we try to find a balance between being and doing, we don’t always get this right, but we keep trying.

The post offers full board and lodging at our beautiful centre and a small stipend in exchange for a 30 hour work week.

The ideal candidate would be someone who has been on retreat here or elsewhere and has a keen interest in Buddhist practise.

Please send your CV and a cover letter telling us why you would like to join us to

Emoyeni Monthly Draw

Monthly Draw for a free weekend at Emoyeni

Our monthly draw is  a fun way to raise funds for the centre and a way to say thank you for all of you who already contribute monthly to support Emoyeni. NB Please note that all existing monthly contributors, be it our OMS sangha, or our 100 x100 donators or those of you donating monthly for other reasons, you will all automatically be placed in the draw each month (and receive a link to our online meditations).

How it will work:

1.    The cost to enter the draw is R200 a month
You can either make individual monthly payments, or you can make a regular monthly contribution for the draw via debit order or EFT.

2.     Each month we will collate entries from the payments received for that monthplease be sure that your payment reaches us before the 25th of the month as we will be doing the draw on the last Monday of each month.

3.    Using the ‘random name picker app’ we will spin the wheel and the lucky winner will be notified and sent their voucher and be announced in our newsletter.
 Here are some other details  about the wining voucher:

  • The voucher is valid for a two-night stay over an Open Weekend.
    • You may use it yourself or gift your voucher to someone;
    • If you would like to ‘convert’ your voucher to a retreat weekend, you may also do so (space permitting) simply by paying in the balance between the cost of on Open Weekend and Retreat of your choice.
  • Winning vouchers are valid for 3 months.

                          Banking Details:
                          Account Name:              Emoyeni Retreat Centre
                          Account Number:          033-215-103
                          Bank:                             Standard Bank
                          Branch:                          Rustenburg
                          Branch Number:              052646

Reference:  Please use your FULL NAME and the word DRAW e.g. JojoJones/Draw as your payment reference and, send us your POP with our email address so that we can send you your winning voucher.

Once again, please note that all existing monthly contributors (be it our OMS sangha, or our 100 x100 donators or those of you donating monthly for other reasons), will all automatically be placed in the draw each month (and receive a link to our online meditations).

Emoyeni Covid-19 protocols

Emoyeni  Covid -19 Protocols 2022

Come and visit, we put your safety first even after all this time.

After every thing we have all been through in the last two years,  Emoyeni Retreat Centre offers  a peaceful and relaxing space with clean air and water in the beautiful Magaliesberg and a culture of mindfulness – something we all need in at times like these.

We want to assure you all that we take your, and the health of our entire community, very seriously. For this reason we would like to share with you the new Emoyeni protocols so that you can feel at ease about your decision to visit us and, from our side, to ensure that you comply to these during your visit.

NB: Emoyeni residents and staff are screened daily for Covid-Symptoms and we adhere to the industry guidelines on hygiene and sanitation for your safety.

We are limiting attendance to 13 guest; this means that all guests (except couples or those wishing to share a room) will be allocated to a single room.

This can expect when you visit Emoyeni:


  • Please register at reception (i.e. the main house) on arrival so we can screen and record your temperature.
  • Fill in arrival form and read the guest rules for Covid-19 safety (you will also find a copy in your room)
  • Once here please don’t leave the premises until the end of the retreat (unless you are leaving to go home). If you need something from the shops, ask one of the residents to get it for you on the next shopping trip
  • Masks are worn indoors. 

Rooms and bathrooms:

  • We are limiting attendance to 13 guests, this means that all guests (except couples or those wishing to share a room) will be allocated to a single room.

Shared ablutions

  • Sanitize hands every time you go into a bathroom or toilet
  • We provide cleaning sprays to use on surfaces before using showers or toilet facilities during the retreats – simply spray down the area you are about to use or touch.
  • Use your own towels (bath and hand towels are provided) and take them back to your room to dry after your shower/bath
  • Sanitize hands before and after using toilets



  • Each retreatant will receive a dedicated plastic box with their own set of crockery and cutlery – as well as a dishtowel – for the duration of the retreat. After using your plates and utensils at each meal, please wash and dry your dishes (with your dish towel from your plastic box) and put these back into your plastic box for use at the next meal
  • Please maintain safe distance when queuing for meals (1 meter)
  • Keep doors and windows open
  • No more than 4 people at a time in the kitchen
  • Sanitize hands every time you come into the kitchen

Work Period

  • Sanitize hands before and after the work period
  • Garden work: Please keep your work clothes and tools in your room for the whole retreat
  • Kitchen work:
    • Please wear protective aprons and masks
    • Maintain safe distance
    • No loud talking or laughing and please go outside to sneeze or cough

Activity Room

  • Sanitize hands every time you come into the activity room
  • Please maintain safe distance
  • Keep windows and doors open
  • Tea time: please take whatever you touch
  • Wash cup and plate in hot soapy water and leave on rack to dry (again, you will have your on dedicated cup/mug for your use only)

Meditation Room and Lounge Area in Main House

  • Please maintain safe distance at all times
  • Keep windows and doors open at all times

On leaving

  • Please put your laundry in the laundry
  • Put garden tools in plastic basin outside tool shed
  • Leave your key in your door

 NB: High Risk persons and medical conditions

Please be aware that anyone over the age of 60 and/ or people who are diabetic, have kidney, cardio vascular or immune system issues or any other high risk medical conditions as listed on the Centre for Disease control and Prevention website have a higher risk of infection. Of course you are still welcome, but we do want you to take note of this and take extra special precautions when visiting Emoyeni.

Let’s all take responsibility and act together to ensure our and the safety of those around us.

Wish List

Wish List

Hello again

Many people ask us if Emoyeni needs anything when they are coming to visit Emoyeni.  This is a very generous question, thank you. To make things easier here is our wishlist of things that Emoyeni uses, needs, would love to have…

For the gardens:

  • Garden gloves (always needed)
  • Big garden/planting pots
  • Herbs and Plants eg:
    Seasonal plants

    Ground covers

For the rooms:

  • Scatter cushions
  • Pretty table cloths or throws
  • Linen


  • Power tools
  • 3-tier tool trolley