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The Alchemy of Anxiety & Uncertainty

October 1 - October 3

R2100 – R3100


Exploring ways to transform what is difficult or painful into spiritual gold

  Rene Stevenson

Weekend ~ October 1 – 3

Standard rate: R2100 – R2500 (en-suite);
Generous Rate:
R2600 – R3100(en-suite);
plus suggested
Teachers Dana: R400 – R2000

  1.  Standard Rate – This includes accommodation, food and basic running costs for the centre plus a surcharge to cover travel for the teacher.
  2. Generous Rate – This includes the above plus a dana contribution to Emoyeni for upkeep and improvements to the centre and other eventualities.
    Suggested rate for Teacher’s dana (Not included in the above rates): This is a sliding scale suggestion as to how much to contribute to the teacher.

    “ALCHEMY” is an ancient metaphor for the subtle and mysterious process of transforming what is negative, dark, painful, stressful and difficult into spiritual and psychological gold.

This moment in time is one of unprecedented change, uncertainty and tumult- globally and in our relationships with ourselves and others. How do we navigate these terrifying terrains, staying steady, sane and centred amidst the chaos? How do we make meaning and keep vision alive in a world coloured by a global pandemic filled with loss and fear? This retreat offers an alchemical ‘crucible of containment and care’ in which to hold such questions, as well as the vulnerabilities and struggles you bring. With kind eyes, acceptance and patient awareness we will ‘cook’ the alchemical potion. To support us will be practices of mindful image making (no art experience necessary); journaling, walking in nature, ritual, silence, meditation, embodied awareness practices, story-telling and poetry. Gently, yet powerfully, the alchemical process will allow what needs to unfold to unfold; what needs to heal to heal, what needs to transform to transform. What begins to emerge is our unique ‘gold’ that inevitably invites and enables us to live more authentically, and respond more creatively, wisely and open-heartedly in our everyday lives.


October 1
October 3
R2100 – R3100