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In the Footsteps of the Buddha

August 19 - August 21

R2150 – R3150


Reflections on a Pilgrimage

Tina Sideris  and Mervyn Croft

Weekend ~ August 19 -21

Standard rate: R2150 – R2550 (en-suite);
Generous Rate:
R2650 – R3150(en-suite);
plus suggested
Teachers Dana: R400 – R2000

  1.  Standard Rate – This includes accommodation, food and basic running costs for the centre plus a surcharge to cover travel for the teacher.
  2. Generous Rate – This includes the above plus a dana contribution to Emoyeni for upkeep and improvements to the centre and other eventualities.
    Plus Suggested rate for Teacher’s dana: (not included in the above rates). This is a sliding scale suggestion as to how much to contribute to the teacher.

“There are four places the sight of which will arouse strong emotions in those with faith.
Here the Thathagata was born.
Here the Thathagata attained enlightenment.
Here the Thathagata set in motion the Wheel of the Dharma.
Here the Thathagata attained final Nirvana.
And, the monk, the nun, the layman or the laywoman who has faith should visit these places”                     The Buddha.

On a Pilgrimage led by Shantum Seth, an ordained teacher in the Zen lineage of the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh,  the historical Buddha – Gotamma –  came alive for Tina Sideris.  On this retreat she will share photographs taken on this Pilgrimage to provide an opportunity for lightly reflecting on the historical context of the first teachings and how or which of these apply in our daily lives.
In this age of psychology what do we make of those big and confusing questions on self, no-self and emptiness? Do we understand the purpose of mindfulness?
By revisiting the teaching on four establishments of mindfulness, Tina and Mervyn will explore whether there may be some relief for our practice in the Buddha’s avoidance of extremes – his choice of the middle way.


August 19
August 21
R2150 – R3150