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Saying Yes to Life – finding the divinity within ourselves

15 December 2021 - 19 December 2021

R4100 – R6100

SAYING YES TO LIFE – finding the divinity within ourselves    

How having faith can help us live wholeheartedly in the midst of a challenging and uncertain world

RJ Chippindall

 4-Days ~ December 15 – 19 

Standard rate: R4100 – R4800 (en-suite);
Generous Rate:
R5100 – R6100 (en-suite);
plus suggested
Teachers Dana: R400 – R2000

  1.  Standard Rate – This includes accommodation, food and basic running costs for the centre plus a surcharge to cover travel for the teacher.
  2. Generous Rate – This includes the above plus a dana contribution to Emoyeni for upkeep and improvements to the centre and other eventualities.
    Plus Suggested rate for Teacher’s dana: (not included in the above rates). This is a sliding scale suggestion as to how much to contribute to the teacher.

We have a choice in how we meet the many difficulties with which life inevitably presents us: we can be defensive and erect barriers to pain, or we can choose to approach discomfort and uncertainty with an attitude of friendliness and curiosity.
Being open to what is challenging requires courage and practice as it is not in the nature of the human brain to remain calm in the face of difficulty. In relaxing into what is painful, we are making friends with ourselves and with our world, and we develop maitri – the unconditional self-acceptance that is the basis of compassion and wellbeing. Having faith in God, the teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, and the great prophets of other spiritual paths can give us courage and provide us with great support in navigating this human life that can be so difficult at times. Faith can do a lot of things in our life if we let it. It will grow us and allow us to do things we never thought ourselves capable of. It will turn us into a dreamer who really believes that with faith, all things are possible –  In the Gospel of Matthew, it is written Jesus looked at them said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

In this interfaith weekend retreat, we will have the opportunity to say yes to life in all its forms, delightful and painful. We will begin a journey into the minds and hearts of the great prophets of our world, a journey that presents the building blocks of world spirituality and helps us find the divinity within ourselves. Drawing on the writings of, among others, the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn that provide a Buddhist perspective on the teachings of Jesus, we will begin to discover the affirmation of the sacred in all religions and the infinite merits and common humanity they share. We will also draw on the writings of Pema Chodron, Ajahn Brahm, and other, wise teachers to inspire us to live fearlessly by giving up control and waking up to everything we experience in and around us. Loving kindness meditations will support us in our journey, as will the tranquil, containing environment of Emoyeni.
The weekend will include sessions of sitting and moving mindfulness practice, as well as walking the labyrinth and group discussions.


15 December 2021
19 December 2021
R4100 – R6100