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How to make a Booking


When making a booking, please send an email the Retreat Centre to make sure that there is space available on the retreat.

NB: We are NOT able to take bookings via  Facebook

Next step is to send a deposit equivalent to 50% of the cost of your stay within 10 days of making the initial booking.  Deposits can be sent by post or can be deposited directly into the Centre’s bank account (see below).  Upon receipt of your deposit we will confirm your booking.

If a booking is cancelled 2 weeks (or earlier) before that retreat starts, then the deposit will be refunded less a cancellation fee of R100. If the cancellation is received less than 2 weeks before the start of a retreat, the deposit will be forfeited.

New costing system and Retreat rates

As of 2021 we are changing our costing system to include the possibility of paying Dana (the Buddhist tradition of generosity) up front. This means that from now on you will be able to choose from two rates when paying for retreats and we are also giving a suggested Dana rate for the teachers to choose from when paying:

  1. Standard Rate – This includes accommodation, food and basic running costs for the centre plus a surcharge to cover travel for the teacher.
  2. Generous Rate – This includes the above plus a dana contribution to Emoyeni for upkeep and improvements to the centre and other eventualities.                        
  • Plus a Suggested rate for Teacher’s dana (not included in the STD or Gen rates): This is a sliding scale suggestion as to how much to contribute to the teacher.

NB: It is important to remember that traditionally teachers do not get paid for their teachings at a Buddhist Retreat Centre. They offer their teachings freely as their Dana and are therefore grateful for your generosity in return. For many teachers your generosity is their means of making a living.  

But, what if…

Of course, you do not have to stick to the amounts we suggest.

If you would like to be more generous, or your wallet does not allow for the costs we suggest, you can offer whatever you feel is comfortable or manageable for you. It is important to know that dana is a form of gratitude and generosity – it is not obligatory and should not cause any resentment or guilt in the giving or not giving;

If you prefer to offer dana in the more traditional method (i.e after the retreat), then please do so; or

If you start off selecting the Standard Rate but you are then moved by the end of the retreat to want to ‘upgrade’ your payment to the Generous rate, this is easily done.

PS: Payments made from outside of South Africa can use this linkhttps://pay.yoco.com/emoyenitrust  
Payment secured by Yoco.now on 

Banking Details


Account Name: Emoyeni Retreat Centre

Account Number
: 033-215-103

 Standard Bank

: Rustenburg

Branch Number
: 052646

For payments outside of South Africa

Please pay using this link:

Payment secured by Yoco.

*NB: Please use your name and, either the retreat name or the date of your stay as the reference when paying e.g: JaneD/1-3July
Your name/OMS for online meditation sessions e.g: JillB/OMS

Accommodation Rates



Lodge, House and Zinya Eco-House: Weekends: As per programme; Weekdays – R910

The Cottage (bathroom en-suite):    Weekends: As per programme: Weekdays – R1020

Should you stay for 15 to 30 days the cost is reduced to R680 per day

A retreat of one month or more will cost R590 per day
(R17 700 for a month)

These costs include accommodation, three vegetarian meals per day and guidance during your retreat.

*NB: Please note that during the week we have more of a hands-on policy with meals – lunches are provided but breakfasts and suppers rely on a ‘do it yourself’ system with ingredients provided.

Conducted Retreats: As indicated for each specific retreat in the program.

Work Retreat**: 5-hours a day work in exchange for board and lodging or, work 2,5 hours and pay half rate 
**On condition that there are projects and the required skills available.

We would like the Retreat Centre to be available to everyone, regardless of their financial position. Therefore, please speak to us about a discount  or payment plan if the charges are above your means.

Contact Form


    Find Us

    Google Earth: 25 deg 47′ 41.90″ S; 27 deg 33′ 22.21″ E
    GPS decimal: lat -25.794800 long: 27.556224.

    Emoyeni is reached by a dirt road, please drive slowly over the last 2 km.

    Office Hours

    Office hours for bookings:
    Weekdays 8 am – 4:30 pm.

    Please email, rather than call, us over the weekends.
    We run retreats over weekends (sometimes in silence) so phone calls are problematic.

    Contact Details

    Emoyeni Retreat Centre, A65 Buffelshoek Farm,
    Mooinooi, North-West, 0325

    Email: retreat@emoyeni.org.za

    Telephone: +27 (0)82 308 1533