Emoyeni – Cultivating Wisdom & Compassion

Jason Ross

Jason  is a psychologist practicing in KwaZulu Natal.  He has worked extensively in the fields of sexuality, relationship counselling, addiction, and trauma.  He first began studying Buddhism under the guidance of Rob Nairn in 1997.  He is currently completing a PhD in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis through the Global Centre for Advances Studies where he is exploring the potential relationship between Buddhist practices and Existential Psychoanalysis in carving out a non-pathologising therapeutic method.  He is particularly interested in how Buddhist notions of “emptiness” and “non-self” challenge the conventions of Western Psychology.  He and his partner, Fiona Brittion, have set up The Centre for Purposeful Living, a suburban retreat centre on the North Coast of KZN.  The aim of the centre is to merge retreat style living with therapeutic intervention.