Emoyeni – Cultivating Wisdom & Compassion

Jason Ross

Jason is a psychologist practicing in KwaZulu Natal.  He has worked extensively with sexuality, relationships, addiction, and trauma.  He first began studying Buddhism under the guidance of Rob Nairn in 1997.  His present interest is in whether Buddhist practices can effectively treat the struggles that we face in a modern world.  His project is to explore a strictly Secular Buddhism that does not attempt to reduce Buddhism to logical and scientific thought while, at the same time, moving away from mysticism and metaphysics.  This has led him to the exploration of Buddhism as an essentially phenomenological and existential practice, turning to figures such as Sartre, Foucault and Merleau-Ponty in his critical reading of Traditional Buddhism.   He and his partner, Fiona Brittion, have set up The Centre for Purposeful Living, a suburban retreat centre on the North Coast of KZN.