Emoyeni – Cultivating Wisdom & Compassion

Lucy Draper-Clarke

DR LUCY DRAPER-CLARK – author of The Compassionate Activist, is a retreat facilitator, mindfulness mentor and researcher-practitioner in the fields of awareness, compassion, and social engagement. After obtaining a doctorate in mindfulness and teacher education, she is now an Associate Researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. With a focus on compassionate activism and somatic meditation, she works with those engaged in social transformation and healing, to alleviate stress, increase resilience and cultivate wise, compassionate action. She runs workshops and retreats around Southern Africa. As a practitioner with the Karma Kagyu School of Buddhism, she attends regular meditation retreats to deepen her own practice. Nothing gives her more joy than supporting others to develop their own, life-enhancing, contemplative practices.