Mari-Louise van der Walt

Mari-Louise believes that, as with teachers, the right practice tends to show up at the right time. 2011 was the start of massive and unrelenting change in her life and coincidentally, the period that followed also coincided with her yoga journey. “Yoga allowed space to explore change, find more balance and wrestle with the dichotomy of discipline and freedom. But, mostly Yoga has brought me immense joy. Paying that joy forward in any way is an enormous privilege.” In 2016, she completed a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Programme with Yoga Warrior in Johannesburg.

Mari-Louise calls herself an accidental bird watcher, also called a “roofkyker”. “I have had the privilege of travelling through large parts of Southern Africa with avid nature lovers/bird watchers/conservationists. The bit I have learned in the process has completely changed and enriched my experience of nature. I am very happy to share the joy of this experience.”

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