Emoyeni – Cultivating Wisdom & Compassion

Sharon Benatar

Sharon is a long standing Buddhist practitioner and Clinical Psychologist in private practice.  She has facilitated life skills training, personal development and self-expression through creative workshops and individual therapy for over 25 years.  Sharon is a certified facilitator of “Learning to Relax” and the “5 Elements” (inner and outer balance), courses from Tara Rokpa Therapy (a therapeutic process registered in UK /Europe, developed by the Tibetan Lama, Akong Tulku Rinpoche).  She supervised Community Art Counselling students at Lefika, an art therapy NGO, in 2014.  Sharon’s approach is compassionate and respectful, while being realistic and grounded.  She draws inspiration from Eastern and Western approaches to healing and personal growth, and the creative arts use of colour, image, symbol and poetry.